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Moldicorte was founded in 1977 by Managing Partner Agostinho Albino Pires Tavares that had sole proprietorship since 1969.

We’re a company of mechanical precision that designs, develops and manufactures, high quality die tools for cutting and stamping sheetmetal parts for various industry sectors, including automotive, electrical and household appliances.

With the combined knowledge and experience in the sector, our Management has surrounded itself with technical expertise and advanced technology to suit its needs and development, investing in new equipment, technology and computer aided design and programming (CAD / CAM), that combined with training and qualification of their human resources, has allowed us to
grow competitively. In 2002 Moldicorte went through a great change with the implementation of certified quality management system according to ISO9001: 2000, as well as the opening of its new installations, thereby taking a significant and decisive step towards the goal that drives us, which is Total Customer Satisfaction combined with higher personal realization of all our employees.
We aim to be recognized and acknowledged by our customers as the ideal partner, therefore we’ve adopted a Total Quality policy, and as always, for us, our clients’ demands give us an important stimulus for our work.


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